Make it easy for your team to discover, curate and share content.
Empower corporate experts to disseminate intelligence that makes the organization smarter.


Share knowledge with coworkers privately


We've benchmarked Scoop.it against a dozen other solutions. It's simply the most powerful and easy-to-use content curation platform. We get consistently great feedback from our clients on Scoop.it.

Automate content monitoring

We crawl more than 30 million web pages every day to make it easy for you to monitor your key areas of business focus.

  • Get started in minutes by adding a few keywords.
  • Fine tune with powerful advanced filters.
  • Add your own trusted content sources.
  • Filter them on your specific areas of interest.


Trusted by 1,000's of Business and Enterprise clients

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Scale through integrations

Scoop.it is pre-integrated with a number of solutions your company is likely to use and offers an extended API to build your own custom integrations.

  • Integrate with your SSO.
  • Export to email distribution platforms.
  • Embed curated streams to your intranet without coding.
  • Integrate with your enterprise social networks.
  • Build your own integrations through the Scoop.it API.

Michael Maloney
Global Account Director, Ogilvy

Knowledge is everywhere: unleash it

Empower your experts to become thought leaders

Scoop.it makes it easy for them to discover and share relevant content together with their own insights with the rest of the organization. And by giving them greater visibility, you'll make it more rewarding for them to do so.

Break down communication silos

By enabling employees to share the meaningful content they read or create in an organized way, you'll make everyone more knowledgeable on what other teams are up to. And more involved too.

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Easy to deploy Saas solution. Fully featured. Robust and scalable.

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Your enterprise knowledge sharing solution

Educate your organization

The first step in any change process is always to be better informed. Transform your internal communication by enriching it with external content that Scoop.it will help you discover and distribute in minutes.


Distribute business intelligence on demand

Save time monitoring competitor and market information. Distribute it via private newsletter or make it accessible on-demand on private content hubs.

Nurture employee advocacy

Maintain content hubs with original and third-party content that supports your corporate messages for employees to tap into and share on their social networks.

Make it easy for teams to share knowledge privately.

Disseminate intelligence in a more impacting way.
Save time sourcing it from all across the web.

Competitive and market intelligence is increasingly complex in today's real-time, open Web. Useful content often comes from non-traditional sources but who has time to track them all? And how do you overcome shorter attention span from increasingly busy employees?

Leverage the power of Scoop.it Knowledge Sharing for market intelligence analysts:

  • Save time by automating your content discovery. 

  • Publish content in 1 click in an engaging format.

  • Distribute it via beautiful, branded email in minutes.

  • Integrate with your intranet or enterprise social network.

  • Work as a team through collaborative content curation.

"How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose" said Bill Gates. Is your organization winning? Or is most of the informal knowledge that your team members read every day lost to the rest of your team?

Make your team smarter with Scoop.it Knowledge Sharing:

  • Discover content curated by your team members from your email inbox, your smartphone or your private content website.

  • Instantly share with them any web page directly from your browser or smartphone.

  • Identify and highlight thought leaders within your organization.

  • Monitor participation and engagement through intuitive analytics.

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Distribute instantly via beautiful emails

Reach your colleagues where they live: in their email inbox.

  • Create curated content emails in minutes through simple drag and drop.
  • Generate daily or weekly recaps for subscribed employees.
  • Export to your own email system.
  • Or send through your own email app to any distribution list.


Share privately to engaging content hubs

Knowledge is strategic. Make it impacting:

  • Easily build beautiful topic pages from the content you curate.
  • Keep them private to a team, a group or your entire company.
  • Embed them in your corporate intranet without coding.


Discover content curated by your team

Exchange valuable information from with team mates without getting spammed:

  • Instantly share any type web content or document.
  • Directly from your browser or smartphone.
  • Enirch it with your own optional commentary.
  • Personalize your content feed based on your interests.

Get instant participation and monitor engagement easily

Not yet another hard-to-learn platform:

  • Intuitive and proven UX used by millions of professionals.
  • Get started in hours - not months.
  • Usage and engagement analytics.


Identify and develop thought leaders

Empower savvy employees. Highlight their expertise to your organization.

  • Define and control contribution rights within your team.
  • Make everyone a curator or carefully select your curators.
  • Promote top curators' feeds easily.


Turnkey. Simple. VIP.

Enjoy dedicated account management to get you started and successful in no time.

  • Turnkey white-label customization.
  • Full Saas solution: no installation/development work needed.
  • Optional orientation sessions for your team.


Key features:

  • Automate content monitoring

  • Share privately to engaging content hubs

  • Distribute instantly via beautiful emails

  • Discover content curated by your team

  • Identify and develop thought leaders

  • Get instant participation

  • Monitor engagement through analytics

  • Integrate with your intranet, Slack, Yammer, Wordpress, MailChimp and more

  • Turnkey and Saas solution. No IT required.

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