Create private hubs where employees can easily discover, curate and share content.
Empower corporate experts to share intelligence that makes the organization smarter.


Share knowledge with coworkers privately


We've benchmarked against a dozen other solutions. It's simply the most powerful and easy-to-use content curation platform. We get consistently great feedback from our clients on

Content monitoring

Built on a proprietary big-data semantic technology that crawls more than 20 million web pages every day, is the easiest way to monitor your key areas of business focus.

  • Get started in minutes. Fine tune with powerful advanced filters.
  • Add your own content sources.
  • Upload your own documents.

Trusted by 1,000's of Business and Enterprise clients

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Simple and effective

Get started easily without development work.

  • Intuitive for employees to use. No training required.
  • Measure usage and engagement.
  • Provision users easily in one or several batches.

Privacy & access control

Restrict access by employee or by team within your own private, branded environment.

  • Define and control contribution rights within your employee user base.
  • Highlight curated streams of your choice to the organization.
  • Distribute simply via email newsletters or integrate with your enterprise social network or your intranet.


Empower employees to curate relevant content on their areas of expertise and add their own analysis to each post.

  • Delegate co-curation rights as you see fit.
  • Build engaging knowledge hubs with a consumer friendly blog format.
  • Let employees personalize the content feeds they subscribe to according to their interests.

Scale through integrations is pre-integrated with a number of solutions your company is likely to use and offers an extended API to build your own custom integrations.

  • Integrate with SSO through SAML or Okta to ensure usage right synchronization.
  • Export to email distribution platforms.
  • Add curated streams to your intranet without coding through simple embed codes.
  • Build your own integrations through the API.

Turnkey. Saas. VIP.

Enjoy dedicated account management to get you started and successful in no time.

  • Turnkey white-label customization by our team to your look & feel through our standard templates.
  • Full Saas solution: no installation needed.
  • Optional orientation sessions for your team.

Michael Maloney
Global Account Director, Ogilvy

Knowledge is everywhere: unleash it

Empower your experts to become thought leaders makes it easy for them to discover and share relevant content together with their own insights with the rest of the organization. And by giving them greater visibility, you'll make it more rewarding for them to do so.

Break down communication silos

By enabling employees to share the meaningful content they read or create in an organized way, you'll make everyone more knowledgeable on what other teams are up to. And more involved too.

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Easy to deploy Saas solution. Fully featured. Robust and scalable.

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The Enterprise knowledge sharing solution


Turn every employee into a source of knowledge.

Educate your organization

The first step in any change process is always to be better informed. Transform your internal communication by enriching it with external content that will help you discover and distribute in minutes.


Distribute business intelligence on demand

Save time monitoring competitor and market information. Distribute it via private newsletter or make it accessible on-demand on private content hubs.

Nurture employee advocacy

Maintain content hubs with original and third-party content that supports your corporate messages for employees to tap into and share on their social networks.

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