Corporate knowledge sharing


Organize internal documents and market intelligence from across the web on private and secure content hubs.

Permissions & controls

Private, secure groups management (SSO, SAML) Knowledge Sharing Core features

Content Monitoring

Stay on top of industry and market developments


Enable employees to share ideas and innovate

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We've benchmarked against a dozen other solutions before recommending it to our enterprise clients. It's simply the most powerful and easy-to-use content curation platform.

Michael Maloney
Account Director 
Ogilvy & Mather 


Improve information discoverability

Break down internal knowledge silos

Crowdsource proprietary content organization

Drive employees to won their own learning

Reward internal subject matter experts

Capture knowlede where it lives within the organization


Experience the leading corporate knowledge sharing solution

Discover market intelligence 

With just a few keywords,'s content monitoring engine will find related articles from across the globe in seconds.

Collaborate with colleagues

Share internal or external information and respond in real time to developments across your business landscape.

Enterprise level permissions

Create company groups, authorized users by company email domain, or enable SSO via SAML protocols.

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Intelligence lives in hard drives, databases, social feeds and on the open web

The discovery of new knowledge can happen at anytime and in anyplace

Companies need a solution to capture and organize it all

Knowledge is fragmented

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