Discover and share industry news, educational blogs or business intelligence with your co-workers in 1-click. 

Organize content on private and secure content hubs and start making your organization smarter today. 


Content monitoring

Stay on top of market developments in your areas of business


Leverage what your coworkers read and have them contribute easily


Control distribution in a secure private space dedicated to your organization.

The Enterprise Knowledge Sharing Solution

Key features to turn every employee into a source of knowledge.

Built on a proprietary big-data semantic technology that crawls more than 20 million web pages every day, is the easiest way to monitor your key areas of business focus.

Get started in minutes. Fine tune with powerful advanced filters.

Content monitoring

Empower employees to curate relevant content on their areas of expertise and add their own analysis to each post.

Build engaging knowledge hubs with a consumer friendly blog format.


Restrict access by employee or by team within your own private environment.

Distribute simply or integrate with your enterprise social network, your intranet or your internal email newsletters.

Create public-facing SEO-friendly white-labelled content sites to show your organization's thought leadership.

Privacy & access control

Get started in minutes on the website without development work.

Easy to use for employees. No training required.

Measure usage and engagement.

Integrate with SSO and leverage simple provisioning tools to scale up deployment.

Simple and effective

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Make sense of information overload

Capture third-party knowledge where it is, in real time

Leverage and develop your employees' expertise

Nurture brand advocates

Make it easy, engaging and rewarding for coworkers

See Knowledge Sharing in action:

Share knowledge with your coworkers privately.

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